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Black Midas

A Touch Of Midas

The Wild Coast

The Last Barbarian

Moscow is Not My Mecca

Green Winter


Ghosts in our Blood: With Malcolm X in Africa, England, and the Caribbean

Potaro Dreams: My Youth in Guyana (memoirs, Vol. I) (Hansib books)

Episodes in My Life (memoirs, Vol. II) (Peepal Tree books)

Story collections, children’s and young adult stories:

The Guyanese Wanderer.

The Third Gift

Children of the Sun

The Sisters and Manco’s Stories

The Riverman

Essay collections, histories, poetry collection:

Fulcrums of Change: The Origins of Racism in the Americas (essays) ( Africa World Press)

Grenada: The Hour will Strike Again

The Rape of Paradise: Origins of Racism in the Americas (Seaburn books)

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